About Casa Cardozo

Casa Cardozo is not a restaurant, at least not in the conventional sense.

In some countries, such places are called "antirrestaurantes", "underground restaurants", "puertas cerradas", "supper clubs", "paladares", "home bistros" or even "guestaurants".The name is not the most important feature but the fact it is our home, the place where we live, open to welcome guests and offer a new, unprecedented experience.

The kitchen at Casa Cardozo wants to be known by its good food. It can be home-made and simple. Classical or authentic. It can follow a traditional style, without setting innovation aside. It can bring back a taste from childhood, with a pinch of personal touch. A food to make you feel right at home, adding up the energy of being in a new environment. A way to share, meet new people and make friends.

We like to cook, to serve and especially to eat well. What we propose is a way to get to know new flavors, new people, in an environment that is both familiar and innovative. A new experience!

Here in our blog, you will be able to find all the information you need to be part of this experience. How to arrive at Casa Cardozo. Dining days and times and how to make your reservation. All about the menu of the day, its main ingredients and the courses: entrées, main course and dessert.

In addition to coffee, a great way to end any meal, you will also find here everything about our list of beverages, as well as our wine list.

"To be modern and up-to-date, without setting aside origins and traditions". 

The menu, alongside an explanation on the order of the dishes and their ingredients will be always available here in the blog. In the posts, one for each day with their respective dates and prices. Each dinner will seat at least 6 and 12 at the most. The service will feature an entrée, the main course and a dessert. After choosing a date for your dinner, just send us an email with your full name, your phone number and the date of your choice.

Our email address is: marcoscardozo@outlook.com
Our phone number: 55 - 51 - 985744572

We will send you an answer with our bank account so you can make a down payment on the dinner. After the deposit is made, we will send you an email with the confirmation and the complete address. We will also send you parking suggestions and how to identify yourself when you arrive at Casa Cardozo.

We work with reservations only.

The time of arrival is crucial to serving everyone equally efficiently. Everyone will be served at the same time, so we trust that everyone will arrive at the scheduled time. Your being late could impact on everybody else’s experience.

The down payment on part of the dinner, as a reservation guarantee, is needed so we can plan the dinner and the setting to the greatest and smallest detail. It will also mean more security, comfort and sustainability, both in planning the menu and the ingredients and in the time dinner will begin and the accommodations. This 30% down payment of the price of the dinner must be made at least 48 hours in advance via bank deposit. The rest of the payment will be made on site, in cash. We do not take credit cards or checks.

The menus cannot be changed on the scheduled day and we ask you to make any request in that regard before making the reservation.

We will also inform our list of beverages for each day. They are to be paid on the scheduled day, after dinner. We have our wine list, which you can see on our blog. If you would like to bring your own bottle, there are no objections and no charges, just let us know when you make your reservation.

Because we share a close environment, smoking is not allowed.

If you would like to organize a dinner party, or any other meal, at your home, at Casa Cardozo (but in a more private setting) or in any other place, let us hear it from you.